Report 11 : Back from vacation !

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Recently back from vacation, I just finished the complete refactoring of the main fracture function giving now better performance 🙂 (See video below).

The new procedure is UObject-free so I can start working on mutli-threading and partial fracture will be easier to implement !

Report 9 : Iterative fracture, Pattern caching

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Today I add the recursive fracture which simply consist to be able to break a fragment from an already broken object 🙂
I also avoid the pattern generation at each fire and done it once at the begin of the game. Finally I shoot the first video of the run-time fracture(see below) ! 🙂

For the next time I will clean code and try to add a basic partial fracture system 🙂

Report 8 : First fracture

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After a lot of fighting and code refactoring, I finally apply a correct physic on each fragment ! The lag come from the Fracture pattern generation step(which is really expensive ), not from the fragment formation. 🙂

First fracture !

ue4editor_2016-12-04_14-08-21From another point of view 🙂

ue4editor_2016-12-05_00-45-32 UV conservation 

So next step will consist to cache the fracture pattern before the beginning of the game !