Report 3 : CGAL Plugin, Voronoi Diagram(VD) Display

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Last day I put CGAL inside a plugin to improve it’s flexibility: now, you just have to put the plguin to install CGAL in your project.

ue4editor_2016-11-07_23-27-56CGAL unreal plugin 🙂

I also started to play with the lib and took some hour to find how to access to the VD data… But finally I display my first VD inside unreal successfully !

First_vd_ue4First Voronoi diagram !

Next step : Code rewriting ( Find a proper way to implement the VD in order to move it in real time)


Report 2: CGAL unreal integration

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I spend these two last evenings trying to compile and link CGAL with Unreal Engine and finally I did it ! I will post a tutorial soon to explain the setup from scratch.

ue4editor_2016-11-02_23-51-31A simple CGAL test, display if different points are collinear using the lib.

The corresponding code into UE4

Now I start the prototyping stage, test to make a  simple voronoi diagram and display it, then I will try to intersect these cells with a simple cube mesh from UE4 to generate destructible mesh.

Report 1

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Today I defined a little timeline(see image below) to determine how I’ll proceed. 

Currently I have almost done the State of art, found a lot of interesting papers about real-time destruction and extract a “general fracture procedure” ( I will post a schema tomorrow 😉 )
I go into testing and prototyping with CGAL library which is a very complete geometry tool suit !



First tetrahedralisation test with CGAL 


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Hi, it’s been a while since I have’nt published anythings because of my studies… I’ll try to post as soon as possible 🙂 . Currently I am in search of my dissertation subject, for now I retain two differents :

  • Raymarching : How to include raymarched object into a modern game engine ? How to interact with it ?
  • Geometry : How to make a convincing fracture in real-time ?

Today I go toward the Geometry subject (But keep  the raymarching one in my pocket just in case…) and made a state of art to see where I’m going 🙂