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A little game about a spaceman stranded on a distant planet. He sends an S.O.S signal into the void of space, hoping someone will receive it. You are the signal, the electromagnetic wave indefinitely oscillating into space trying to go as far as you can. But on your way you will have to avoid asteroids and use satellite antennas to regain energy. You can also use extra-terrestrial transmission systems to go in hyperspace and travel faster for a short period of time. There are also black holes !! By touching the screen you increase the frequency and the amplitude of your oscillations. Go save the man!

Available for download here.

Game Originally made during the GGJ17 (Global Game Jam) with :

  • Tanguy Martinez : Programmer, Game design
  • Laure le Sidaner : Designer, Game design
  • Me : Programmer, Game design
  • Stéphane Roussel : Programmer, Game design
  • Samuel Bernou : Animations, Game design

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