Report 6 : User defined pattern, First fracture attempts

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Last day I made some big jump in my initial prototype road map  ! 🙂

Firstly, I developed the user defined pattern which allow the artist to draw his own fracture pattern based on a voronoi diagram  in Unreal. As you can see below, you can move, add or remove control point in real time. The blue lines draw the intermediate Delaunay triangulation which allow to compute without more calculation the dual Voronoi Diagram (in green).


2016-11-22_00-50-04Real time pattern edition interface in Unreal

ue4editor_2016-11-22_00-53-01New option for the fracture pattern

After developing the improved pattern generation, I started to wrote the most important procedure: the fracture. Below are the first results…No as expected but fun 🙂



ue4editor_2016-11-19_19-18-24First test of real time fracture ! 🙂

 The new generated fragments are not totaly following the fracture pattern, and there are also some problems with the new normal computed on the fly…I will investigate on it 🙂

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