Log 5 : Blueprint node,normal computation, Cell clipping…

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Hi there,

Last days I figured out some problematic bugs like the plane representation conflict between UE4 and CGAL. Now I successfully extract the plane normal from each voronoi cell facet which allow me to begin the development of the main fracture routine witch is the fragment construction !

ue4editor_2016-11-15_22-12-33The plane representation for debug

After computing the plane equation inside CGAL ( Based on this example), I make a blueprint library inside the fracture plugin to manage and debug all future BP function in real-time.



Some BP in the new blueprint lib…

Finally I start to wrote the fragment generation procedure I order to cut the target object following the fracture pattern. Here are some test in WIP…

ue4editor_2016-11-19_19-20-37 ue4editor_2016-11-19_19-18-45
irst attempt to generate the fracture fragments a runtime

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