Report 4 : Code refactoring, convex hull computation, plane equation

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I spend the last weekend fixing a dynamic linking bug in the CGAL plugin which prevented me from computing the convex hull of the voronoi cells… My mistake was loading the GMP and MPRF Dll’s as DelayedDLL and not in the startup module function while the module loading.

Me Sunday night…

After fixing that issue, I continued the fracture plugin development by refactor the voronoi region detection,  computing the convex hull of each cell then the plane equation of each cells plane.

b06c7d4b-1eb9-4b98-8462-ca136aac6febThe voronoi region convex hulls in wire-frame…

aa3073b9-d060-40af-a429-1229ed877ae5One voronoi region convex hulls in wire-frame…

Tomorrow : display and make plane inside UE4 in order to play with slice function. The problem it that CGAL and UE4 don’t have the same plane construction equation… To be continued 🙂

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